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Adalgisa is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Doctoral Fellow at the Université libre de Bruxelles within the Horizon Europe GEM-DIAMOND project. Her doctoral project, supervised by François Foret (ULB), focuses on the food sovereignty narratives as tool for European legitimisation. She holds a MA in International Affairs and a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences from University of Bologna. During her academic career, she studied in France at ESSCA Business School, at KU-Leuven and finalised her research thesis abroad in Pennsylvania at Dickinson College. Thanks to her research interest on EU agri-food policies, European funding schemes and local knowledge management in the agricultural sector, she worked as Research Assistant at Farm Europe - Brussels based Think Tank. Previously, she was a Junior European Project Manager at NGO Alphabet Formation and a MAECI CRUI trainee for the Italian Embassy in Kenya. Adalgisa holds the America Giovani Award issued by the Italian Government (2022) to reward the best students for their academic talent and curriculum.


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List of publications

  1. Addressing the environmental impact of agricultural plastics: a multi-actor perspective with (Valentina E Tartiu, Rachel Hurley, Cecilie Baann, Demetres Briassoulis, Evelia Schettini, Fabiana Convertino, Bernard Le Moine, Luc Vernet, Sissel Brti, Violette Geissen, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Nicolas Beriot, Defu He, Richard Thomspon, Giulia Carcasci, Luca Nizzetto), Cambridge Prisms, Forthcoming. Funded under Horizon 2020 project ‘PAPILLONS’ - Grant Agreement No. 101000210

  2. ‘Sustainability’: key-word of the economic partnership agreement EU-Kenya, Institute for International Relations Analysis, July 2023. 

  3. Il caldo registrato in luglio 2023 desta scalpore, eppure non dovrebbe, Institute for International Relations Analysis, August 2023. 

  4. Il cambiamento climatico: l’urgenza delle azioni arriva da vari fronti, Institute for International Relations Analysis, June 2023. 

  5. Il nuovo accordo sulla protezione degli oceani, Institute for International Relations Analysis, April 2023. 

  6. The Amazon forest, is it a common good?, Institute for International Relations Analysis, March 2023. 

  7. Destination Earth: la soluzione digitale europea al cambiamento climatico, Institute for International Relations Analysis, February 2023.

  8. Carbon tax: comparison between the British Columbia and France, Institute for International Relations Analysis, January 2023. 

  9. Book 

    I can see you, edited by Paolo Lombardi, Edizione Era Nuova Publishing, November 2018

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