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I was born and raised in Lyon in France. After completing my Bachelor degree at Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lyon, I felt the need to leave my hometown and discover Europe. I went to Berlin for an Erasmus year and fall in love with the city. Importantly, it is also where I developed a strong interest for EU politics. I stayed an additional year to work as an intern at the Bundestag and at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) where I acquired my first experience in the realm of research.
The desire to specialise in European politics led me to Bruges in Belgium where I completed a Master's degree as a student at the College of Europe. At the end of this rich and intense year in Bruges, I applied successfully for an internship at the General Secretariat of the European Commission.

Meanwhile, I was informed about a research project adverstised by the ULB on "Resisting Europe", a topic which was starting to bey a key issue to reflect on for all young people of my generation with an interest in the EU. When I was selected to receive the scholarship, I decided to pursue an idea which had already been on my mind for  some years, namely engage with research and complete a PhD rather than work for the EU institutions.

Since 2010, I have been Faculty Member at the Political Science Department, and a researcher at CEVIPOL and Institut d'Etude Européennes. This incredibly dynamic, nice and collective minded environment has made me a happy scholar.

Brussels, a peculiar city I have learned to love, is now home for me and my family.

Whenever I feel that I should comment on EU current affairs, I publish on my personal Médipart blog : I am also a regular author for various online platforms feeding into intellectual debates such as Social Europe ( or The Conversation. I regularly respond to queries from the Belgian, French and international media.

Else, I practice yoga and play saxophone in a music band called Yanu which composes its own tunes inspired by afro-latin music (Facebook-Yanu, Soundcloud).




Associate Professor in Political Science and EU Studies

Researcher at CEVIPOL, Institut d'Etudes Européennes (IEE)

Academic Coordinator for the ULB Master in European Studies (Présidente de Jury)

Visiting Professor at the College of Europe (Bruges)

Visiting fellowships

January-September 2018: Visiting Fellow at Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary European Studies (ACCESS EUROPE), at the Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV) Research Programme Group of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University van Amsterdam

Former visiting fellowships: KFG at Freie Universität Berlin (2009), Centre d'études européennes at Science Po Paris (2010), Centre for European Studies at Harvard University (2011), European Institute at LSE, SPIR/CER at Queen Mary University of London (2013/2014). 

Current research projects

SOVEU: Conflicts of Sovereignty in a European Union in Crisis (with University of Cambridge), funded by Fondation Wiener-Anspach.

Mandat d'impulsion scientifique (MIS): The politicization of fiscal disipline in the European Union, funded by FNRS

Action de recherche concertée (ARC): From EU market to social citizenship and back?, funded by ULB

Former projetcs

ENLIGHTEN (H2020), Public Services in the European Union (ULB/FNRS), GREEN (FP7), CONCORD (FP7)


Domaines d'intérêt

  • Gouvernance socio-économique dans l'UE (Eurozone et semestre européen), Europe sociale, UE et néolibéralisme, régulation et libéralisation des services publics
  • Conflit, politisation, souveraineté, résistances à l’Europe, mouvements de mobilisation à l'échelle européenne
  • Idées et discours dans les politiques publiques, théories et méthodes de l'analyse de discours
  • Politique ueropéenne de la France et de l'Allemagne, tandem franco-allemand

Présentation des enseignements
  • POLI O409 - Simuler la codécision
  • POLI O410 - EU Integration and Public Policy
  • POLI O416 - The Internal Market and Social Europe
  • POLI D438 - Méthodes d'enquête de terrain
Présentation des recherches

I am fundamentally fascinated by the relations between capitalism, democracy and European integration. Thus, my research deals with the politicization of EU integration in relation with socio-economic policies. I have been working more particularly on three clusters of topics.

First: marketisation and neoliberalism inthe EU, socio-economic governance and "Social Europe", liberalisation and regulation of welfare services, the social and fiscal coordination in the Eurozone through the European Semester. 

Second: contention and politicization in the EU including conflicts over sovereignty, social movements and parliamentarism, the role of deliberation, ideas and discourse in the legitimation of the EU and its policies.

Third: French and German EU policy 

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