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The Politics of the Rule of Law in the EU Polity. Actors, Tools and Challenges

Auteure :  Ramona Coman
ISBN : 978-3-030-97367-4
Edition : Palgrave Macmillan
Collection: Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics


Offers a summary of the EU’s rule of law debate over the last decade.
Analyses a variety of challenges that the EU faces, including the migration crisis and Eurozone management.
Examines the motivations and preferences of actors within various EU polities, as well as their division lines.

About this book

Its rule of law crisis, the European Union could solve it on its own. In her thought-provoking book, Ramona Coman shows why the EU is largely failing in this enterprise. Analysing the politics of the rule of law of the political EU institutions and of civil society, but leaving out the Court, Coman traces the roots of the current age of dissensus. Whether the reliance on conditionality rather helps or harms for the future, one wonders. Highly recommended reading!

Mis à jour le 6 septembre 2023