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During the past few decades, Latin American governments’ recurrent attacks against journalists have contributed to the erosion of press freedom in the region and, relatedly, of the quality of democracy. Yet what pushes governments to harass journalists? W

By Jean-Benoit Pilet, Camille Bedock, David Talukder & Sacha Rangoni

Embedding past, present and future crises: time and the political construction of the Covid-19 pandemic in the EU

By Amandine Crespy, Tom Massart, Tiago Moreira Ramalho

How ‘European sovereignty’ became mainstream: the geopoliticisation of the EU’s ’sovereign turn’ by pro-EU executive actors

By Alvaro Oleart and Juan Roch

Shut Up! Governments’ Popular Support and Journalist Harassment: Evidence from Latin America

By Luca Tomini, Andrea Cassani, Claudio Balderacchi

Beyond ‘responsibility vs. responsiveness’: reconfigurations of EU economic governance in response to crises

By Amandine Crespy, Tiago Moreira Ramalho and Vivien Schmidt

Kicking off passion: the birth and rise of football in Belgium (1880-1914)

Par Pascal Delwit

National or partisan representation: do politicians’ perceptions of the opinions of these voter groups depend on party characteristics?

Par Awenig Marié

COVID-19 et guerre en Ukraine Influence des crises internationales sur le vote pour Emmanuel Macron

Par Elie Michel avec Sylvain Brouard

The angry voter? The role of emotions in voting for the radical left and right at the 2019 Belgian elections

By Laura Jacobs, Jean-Benoit Pilet & Caroline Close

Unequal perspectives? Income inequality as a benchmark for support for European integration

By Bjarn Eck in collaboration with Sven Schreurs

Mis à jour le 14 février 2024